Manila Ocean Park Family Trip: Ronan Meets Nemo, Dory and Mr. Ray in the Flesh

Whoever said that family trip had to be expensive? Our Manila Ocean Park family trip last March 2016 cost us Php 5,000 with lunch, breakfast buffet and hotel accommodation for three adults and a toddler. Yes, you read that right. It’s just a matter of planning and taking advantage of online deals.

As freelance workers, we spent most of our time online and we see online deals day in and out. We had done online shopping with and bought several items from electronic gadgets to kitchen wares. We have been satisfied with our online purchases and we recommend that you check out their deals. You can find almost everything you need from Lazada.

For trips, restaurants and travel deals, we have been using for the longest time.

Since Ronan just turned 2 at the time of our Manila Ocean Park family trip, we opted for the fewer attractions. The good thing about Manila Ocean Park deals at, you can choose from different packages depending on your preference. We would love to do the 10-in-1 and visit all the attractions but Ronan’s sleeping habits and short attention span may not allow it. So, we chose to visit just four attractions: Sharks & Ray Dry Encounter, Oceanarium, Fish Spa and Yexel Museum. The package we availed has a free lunch buffet.

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Since we live in Rizal province, commuting home from Manila Ocean Park would be a difficult and tiring one. When we booked the package on MetroDeal, it was January 2016. We planned out our trip and checked out nearby hotels. We ended up with Manila Grand Opera Hotel, located right in the heart of Recto, Manila. It was near LRT1 Doroteo Jose Station and LRT2 Santolan Station. It was a perfect hotel for us to rest after our fish encounter.

Contrary to popular belief, we found that booking directly to the hotel was cheaper than booking with third party agencies. For good deals, you can visit Manila Grand Opera hotel site here.

We are planning a trip to Manila Ocean Park this 2017. Let’s see how it goes.

Do you have an unforgettable family trip you want to share? Tell us. We’d love to hear your amazing stories, too.


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