4 Staycation Ideas for the Kids this Summer

The idea of going on a family trip can be overwhelming to some parents. The idea of keeping an eye over your belongings and your kids might take away the fun. Not to mention security and health concerns. However, summertime is a perfect opportunity for parents and kids to spend time together outdoors. Do not miss out on the fun. Here are some staycation ideas for the kids.

Garden Pool


Ronan’s mini pool by Intex

Find a spot outside of your house where you can set up an inflatable pool. It doesn’t have to be super big. Check out inflatable pools based on your budget. Place a table and some chairs where you can place snacks and drinks. Take pictures with the family. Your kids will love this bonding time.

Amazing Race


Let’s race!

This is especially a fun game for big families. Group your family members into teams. Just like the show Amazing Race, set a challenge/task that will be solved by each team. The winning team gets a prize.

Movie Marathon

Each family member picks a movie he/she wants to watch. For a day, everyone gets to see each other’s top movie picks. Splurge on food and drinks.

Tent Night

Depending on the location of your house, try to pitch a tent in your garden or backyard and sleep there for a night. You can light a bonfire, gather the family around and start sharing stories. Just make sure to keep watch and keep the bonfire under control.


Enjoying a hammock in the backyard

Having fun and spending quality time with the family does not have to be always about traveling to new places. In fact, the best place in the world is right beside the people you love the most. Cheesy as it may sound, but it’s the truth!

Do you have staycation ideas you want to share? You can drop us a note or leave a comment below.


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