Hi, I am Ronan! And yes, I am named after Ronan Keating, the lead singer of the famous 90s boy band, Boyzone. My parents enjoy listening to music, reading, surfing the internet and traveling. That’s why they came up with this blog to share our family travels, adventures (and misadventures) as well as to provide helpful information to families, parents, children and just about anyone who has an inquiry. If you have any question, just drop them a note and they will be glad to answer them.

I am entering tantrum three this 2017. I guess they will find out that there will be challenges ahead of us now that I am starting to explore the world and understand my place in this lifetime. Well, I am sure my parents and I will have tons of stories to tell in the days, weeks and years to come. I can’t wait to tell them myself, but I am just a toddler. So, I will let my parents take over this stuff until I reach the legal age of 18.

Travel more and bring your kids along. Because traveling with kids is more fun!

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