Baguio City Family Trip 2016: Enjoying and Exploring The Summer Capital of the Philippines Without Breaking the Bank

How do six adults, three of which are senior citizens, and a toddler go around Baguio City without spending so much? Again, it gets down to careful planning, finding an affordable accommodation and carpooling. Going around Baguio City can be expensive because you can get stuck in traffic and your taxi meter can escalate anywhere from Php 80 to Php 300! And this is just one-way. Just imagine how much it would cost you if you go back and forth from your accommodation to the tourist spots around the City of Pines. Yes, it can eat up your budget.

The benefits of carpooling

For this trip, we were fortunate to carpool with my cousin’s friend. We were 10 in the vehicle. We paid Php 1,800 each for the trip from Rizal to Baguio. The good deal was that we could use the vehicle all around Baguio and La Trinidad.

If you don’t have a private car and don’t want to ride the taxi, you can ride public jeepneys that go around the city and stop at almost all the major city attractions. And you would not mind walking from one point to another because it’s Baguio! The weather is cool and surroundings are pleasant. Plus, you can spot hole-in-the-wall food stores and quaint shops along the way.  Standard jeepney fare at the time of our trip was Php 8.00. Taxi flag down rate is Php 40.00 and Php 5 for every kilometer. I think you can hire a jeep or a taxi for a whole day so you can go around the city. The average rate is Php 1,000.00.

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Finding the right accommodation

Now, for the accommodations, there are transient homes, bed & breakfast, standard hotels, and luxury ones. Prices range from Php 200/person/night to as much as Php 10,000/night.

Pick your price. It all boils down to your budget, preference and group size. Travel Book, Tripadvisor, and the blog by SenyorLakwatsero are helpful sources if planning where to stay in Baguio.

For our Baguio City family trip, we opt for a transient home with 2-bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, living, kitchen and dining room. The price? Php 200/person/night. For our 4days/3 nights stay, we paid Php 600/person/night. Come to think of it, you just need a place to rest for the night. Your days will be spent outside exploring Baguio City.

Where to eat in Baguio City

While we enjoyed Baguio treats and strawberries, we cooked our own meals for breakfast and dinner. We had three “lolas’ in our company so our tummies were well cared for.

When going around Baguio City, you can easily find good food shops. If you are around Burnham Park, one of the famous restaurants is Good Taste.  Just be ready to queue because it can get crowded. The food is affordable, delicious and the serving is good enough for 3-4 persons.

If you go up to Wright Park and go horseback riding, you will find that the area offers boutique restaurants and major food chains like Yellow Cab, Starbucks, Bon Chon and Pizza Hut.

In Mines View, you can get pica-pica snacks from parked stores right at the entrance. You can grab food before or after your tour.

Prior to the trip, we planned how to manage our food bills for the whole trip. To save, we decided to cook some meals at the transient home. Every night, we went to the market and shop for vegetables. We were surprised how much the veggies cost in Manila. For example, a kilo of beetroot/sugarbeet is just Php 70. If you go to supermarkets in Manila, the price of this delicious veggie can go as high as Php 300!

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Pasalubong shopping in Baguio City

Almost all the major tourist spots have their pasalubong area and souvenir shops. Prices are relatively the same. But we suggest you go to the market center, right across Burnham Park to get a one-stop shop. You can also get fresh vegetables and coffee beans. You can do pasalubong shopping a day before you leave Baguio City.

If you have questions or inquiries, drop us a comment or leave a message. We will be glad to help you plan your next trip.



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